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The wedding 

Wow the wedding, where do I start....

It's suppose to be the best day of your life, and believe me it really was.
The excitement all starts with the girls the night before the big day, trying on the dress and jewellery. Ofcourse I had two different looks with my jewellery...one for day time and one for the evening. I had all the make up set out on the table for the morning.
Rise and shine..... This is the day
The girls and I had a "good" night sleep .
We got up and had breakfast together, after that I went off to the hairstylist 
.... When that was done, my friend  did my make up.
Not too much, as that's not like me.... During the day I want a natural look and in the evening I 'm going for a more glam look. 

Then it's time...the big moment has arrived .... The dress .....putting it on feels like a holy moment. The girls style me up with the accessoires, and give me the finishing touch.
As soon as all the ladies are ready (and look fabulous) , all 4 of us leave our house and head over to the city hall in a volkswagen vintage/hippie van.
As we arrive at the city hall we quickly walk into a waitingroom before any of my wedding guest see me. 
The time has come...all the guest have arrived and are waiting for the bride to walk in. My father is by my side as we walk up the stairs to the room where I walk down the isle.
My 3 girls walk onfront of me, then my dad and I ..... I see my future husband ( My Mr Big)

standing down the isle, he looks stunning!!!
Dark blue suit with lavender bowtie, looking as handsome as never before. 
30 min later we say I DO!!!! It's official we are husband and wife!!!